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    Patients recovering from corona at home have a 23% higher risk of kidney damage – research

    Posted in COVID19 Kidney failure: Those who have recovered from the corona virus are now facing new problems. There are reports that the kidneys of such patients are getting worse and in most cases it is caught at the very last stage. The NBT report states that such cases are not only seen in patients who have been hospitalized in critical condition. Rather, it is also seen in people who have recovered from covid just by being isolated at home.

    According to the report American Society of Nephrology This effect on the kidneys has also been observed in patients who have not previously had kidney problems, the journal said. In such patients, the risk of covid kidney failure is doubled.

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    Let us tell you that the kidneys work by filtering and purifying the blood present in our body. The report claims that 7.8 out of every 10,000 people who recover from covid need dialysis, a kidney transplant. Ziad al-Ali, director of clinical epidemiology at the University of Washington, who conducted the study, and his team compiled the report based on patient data published in April.

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    For the study, data were collected from more than 89,000 people who had recovered from Kovid. El-Ali, a kidney specialist by profession, said, “The most worrying thing about the kidneys is that the kidneys are being damaged in the body and the patient is not even aware of it. There is no pain and no symptoms. We found that among covid patients returning home, the risk of kidney failure increased by 23 percent within 6 months.

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