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    One glass of wine has a bad effect on the speed of breathing: research

    Adverse effects of alcohol: Alcoholics often stay for fun. As long as they drink alcohol, they think nothing is going to happen from it. They always ignore what they say. A lot of times he is seen telling me that I drink very little alcohol, what will happen to it. But a new study says that a small sip of alcohol is very harmful to heart health. Indian Express According to reports, a glass of wine or even a small can of beer multiplies the risk of cardiac arrhythmia. Atrial fibrillation is a disease of the heart where the heartbeat becomes irregular and very fast. The person who has this kind of history at home is most at risk due to drinking alcohol.

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    The relationship between alcohol and alcohol
    For a long time, researchers have been trying to find a link between alcohol and atrial fibrillation, but this has not been proven. For the first time, researchers have proven that alcoholism is directly related to heart disease. To prove this, the researchers included 100 people in the study with a history of atrial fibrillation. They were closely monitored for four weeks. A data was created of all their things, how many times they took alcohol and what the heart’s response was every day. All of this was charted.

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    Within a few hours the effects began to show
    Researchers have found that atrial fibrillation, or slow breathing, has shown its effects within hours of drinking alcohol to those who drink alcohol every day. The more alcohol they drink, the more respiratory problems will start to bother them. This new research has been published in the Annals of International Medicine. Based on current and previous studies, it has been concluded that those who already have atrial fibrillation or sudden changes in breathing rate, if they do not drink alcohol or reduce their alcohol consumption, are less likely to have such problems. And the risk of arrhythmias will also decrease.

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