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    Not only that, eating less salt can also be harmful to health

    Eating less salt: To keep their health healthy, many people reduce the amount of salt in their daily diet because they often hear and read that salt and sugar should not be eaten too much but say there is a difference between not eating too much salt and reducing it altogether. In fact, everything is needed to keep the body healthy. If eating too much salt can be harmful, eating too little of it can do a lot of damage to health. Let us know about it

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    Risk of low blood pressure

    The body needs the right amount of sodium to control blood pressure. Eating too little salt can reduce its amount in the body. This can lead to very low blood pressure and the risk of heart attack, stroke and many other heart-related problems.

    Risk of increased insulin resistance in the body

    Our body needs a certain amount of salt every day. If you eat too little salt, there is a risk of increasing insulin resistance in the body. This is more likely to happen when the body’s cells respond to the hormone insulin signals. Because of this, the amount of sugar in the blood begins to rise. Which can cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    Danger for diabetic patients

    If a diabetic does not take the right amount of salt, the risk of heart attack and stroke may increase. According to the data, eating less salt can be very dangerous for patients with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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    Fatigue and laziness of the body

    Eating less than the required amount of salt in the body causes fatigue and laziness in the body. Due to which the person does not like to do any work and no work can be done properly.

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