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    No iron or plastic, yogurt stored in earthenware is beneficial in both taste and health

    Benefits of earthenware bowl for yogurt: There was a tradition of making yoghurt in earthen bowls in the time of grandmother. But times have changed and these utensils have been replaced by steel and plastic containers. Even today, it is considered good to keep yoghurt in a clay pot in the village. In fact, earthenware naturally regulates temperature, which is very useful for yogurt. If the good bacteria present in the yoghurt get a colder and warmer environment, they do not freeze properly. Not only that, it also has a direct impact on health. Health shots According to Dr. Aditi Sharma, a dietitian at Columbia Asia Hospital, when we store yogurt in earthenware pots, many natural minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur and other natural elements are added to it. These ingredients enhance both the taste and nutrition of yogurt. So let’s find out what are the benefits of putting yoghurt in a clay pot.

    Benefits of making yoghurt in a clay pot

    1. Yogurt becomes thick

    In fact, when yoghurt is made in a pot, the water in the pot is absorbed by the pot and because of this it becomes a dense texture. Due to which it does not become sour and the taste is multiplied.

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    2. The temperature does not change

    Things don’t heat up quickly in a clay pot. It absorbs hot temperatures. In this case, when the yoghurt is stored in it, its temperature does not change and the yoghurt is protected from spoilage for a long time. They freeze quickly as there is no change in temperature.

    3. Earthly fragrance

    When you store yogurt in a clay pot, a special smell comes. This perfume does not come in any other container. In fact it is a sweet smell coming from the soil which is very unique and delicious.

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    4. Don’t talk

    In fact, the mixture used to make yogurt can make it very sour or acidic. But if you store yogurt in pots, the soil is alkaline so it maintains a lot of acid balance and the yogurt tastes sweet. In that case, if you freeze the yoghurt next time, make it in a clay pot. You will feel a lot of difference in taste.

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