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    Nasal sprays may be more effective than the corona vaccine

    New Delhi. Even after getting corona vaccine (Covid 19 vaccine) in India, the case of corona is coming to the fore. Initially, corona infection was said to be caused by changes in the human immune system and the emergence of new forms of the corona virus. However, now that both doses of the vaccine have been taken, a new cause has emerged.

    Director of Jodhpur-based ICMR, National Research Institute on Non-Communicable Diseases and Community Medicine Specialist Dr. Arun Sharma says that the infection is occurring in India after the two corona vaccines. This is because antibodies against covid are currently being made in the blood or in the blood. That antibody will kill the virus as soon as it reaches the blood.

    The corona virus enters the human body through the nose. After that, it goes into the lungs through the respiratory tract and then into the blood.

    Dr Sharma says the question now is when the virus will enter the bloodstream, then when it will cross the respiratory tract or respiratory tract. The covid virus first reaches the nose through the infected air and then it reaches the patient’s lungs through the trachea or trachea. After that, the virus can increase its number while living in the airways. This is why it can continue to infect people even after they have been vaccinated.

    Corona nasal spray may be more effective

    They say that another thing to note in this context is that nasal sprays given through the nose may be more effective because the nasal vaccine will protect the mucous membranes of the nose. It will similarly be given oral drops for polio. This creates a protective ieldal against the virus on the whole stomach or abdomen. This is why experts believe that it is very important to adopt covid-compliant behavior to prevent nasal infections.

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