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    Make garlic and ginger paste this way, it will not waste 6 months

    Ginger-Garlic Paste Tips: Garlic and ginger are used as spices in cooking. The biggest thing is that both garlic and ginger have many properties that are very beneficial for health. Garlic and ginger both contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that are useful for cell wear and tear repair. Both are very effective recipes for heart health. In addition, the presence of anti-cancer properties in garlic and ginger has been detected. It also has the ability to fix immunity.

    Because of the many beneficial things, garlic and ginger are very important in the kitchen. Although people make different ways to make ginger and garlic paste, most of these pastes spoil quickly and do not taste very good. Indian Express With these issues in mind, food blogger Aarti Madan has posted a video on Facebook explaining how to make a ginger and garlic paste. When prepared with this method, the paste stays fresh for months. Let’s find out how to make ginger and garlic paste according to Arti Madan –

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    Ingredients for making lashun-ginger paste
    150 grams of ginger
    250 grams of garlic
    Salt as desired

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    Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. After that, grind it in a grinder without water. After that, remove the garlic peel well and place in a jar with ginger. Remember water and moisture should not be present at all. Crush both well. Keep running the grinder until a completely fine paste is ready. If the jar is small, grind it a little first. Then crush the rest in the same way.

    After making a good paste, add salt to the jar itself and mix with a tablespoon of oil. Remember that tablespoons of oil and salt only increase the shelf life of this paste. After adding oil and salt, restart the grinder. After that the texture of the paste will become very nice and creamy. Your paste is ready. Now the most important thing is to save it. Take a glass jar to preserve the ginger-garlic paste. Make sure the jar should be completely dry and it should be air tight. Do not use plastic jars. After closing the paste in the jar, put it in the fridge. This paste will not spoil for five to six months.

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