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    Long time working on mobile, laptop? Follow these 4 steps for eye health

    Eye Care Steps: In today’s race life, whenever we get some rest, only our eyes can get rest. Sometimes it happens that we lie down to rest the body, but our eyes are open. At that time either we are watching the phone or we are concentrating on the TV. That means we sit on the laptop-computer for hours on end, or travel long distances on bikes, yet we don’t rest our eyes.

    In fact, we don’t care about the eyes as much as we care about other parts of the body. According to the Daily Bhaskar report, we must do things for eye care.

    Exercise daily
    Exercising daily improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of glaucoma by 25 percent. Not only that, if you already have glaucoma, it can be well managed. Glaucoma is also commonly called black cataract. This results in decreased vision.

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    Eat fruits and vegetables nuts
    According to a study, if you keep your diet right, the risk of vision loss will decrease by 25 percent with age. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study, published in 2021, found that taking certain nutrients, such as zinc, copper, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene, reduced the risk of vision by 25 percent with age.

    Don’t smoke
    According to the report, smokers are many times more at risk of losing their eyesight. Tobacco in any form causes extensive damage to the macular membranes of the eye. The macula is part of the retina that helps us see farther away. Due to macular damage, there is a risk of many eye-related diseases.

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    Follow the 20-20-20 rules
    This is a rule that if you follow, the risk of dry eye syndrome will be reduced by 90 percent. Let’s do something like this. If you work on a laptop or computer screen for long periods of time, you need to look at an object (window, tree, chair, table, etc.) 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

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