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    Leisure moments can push you into depression – research

    Depression at leisure: In fugitive life, people are always eager to get leisure moments. He thinks all the time that when he has time he will sit in peace, rest, do something different. But this leisure can also be a source of trouble. According to a report published in the Hindi newspaper Hindustan, even in leisure time depression means depression increases. According to researchers at Ohio State University in the US, when you feel that you are retired and you are not doing any work, your retirement disappears and the tension increases.

    The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Researchers have studied the general belief of modern society that the ultimate goal is productivity and fun is a waste of time.

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    Increased depression
    According to Celine Malcolm, co-author of the study, most people said they were mentally weak in their spare time. He said there have been many studies that have said that people have benefited from leisure time, which has led to increased productivity. But we have seen that if people start thinking that leisure is useless, then they are under pressure. Another researcher said that if leisure time is used for some productive work, then there are more benefits.

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    What you do or think in your spare time determines the state of happiness, stress or frustration. If you exercise in your spare time, you can get happiness and if you waste time watching TV, you can get frustrated.

    Comparative studies between people from different countries
    According to research, there is no country where people have a feeling of negativity in their leisure time. A comparative study between people in India, America and France found that people in France had less negativity than people in America. Due to cultural stereotypes in India, people consider leisure moments as useless.

    The results of research
    Another researcher, Rebecca Rakjek, said, “We live in a global society where for the most part it is believed that it is important to be engaged and engaged in productive work.” In such a situation, if you once admit that leisure and recreational moments are useless, you will fall into more depression and cannot be happy.

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