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    Leather bags in the rain, formal shoes are bothered by rashes, thus preventing spoilage

    Tips to protect leather goods in the rain: Whether it’s formal shoes or beautiful bags, this leather thing needs a lot of care in the rain. A little carelessness in the maintenance of leather goods this season can do a lot of damage. Usually we use leather bags, wallets, purses, shoes, slippers, belts etc. all year round but refrain from using these things in the rainy season. In fact, during the rainy season, a strange layer starts to appear on them and if they are left like this, green and black mold starts to appear on them. Taking care of them in such situations becomes a challenge. If you also use leather things, you can take care of these things to avoid fungus in the rain.

    1. Buy only good quality leather goods

    If you are buying leather goods such as jackets, shoes, slippers, belts, bags, etc., then look at the quality. Because the life of the skin also depends on its quality. Therefore, check its quality at the time of purchase.

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    2. Use less in the rain

    As far as possible, avoid wearing leather shoes and slippers in the rainy season. If you wear these when it is raining, they will come in contact with water and bacteria will grow on them. Which will cause the leather thing to start to deteriorate.

    3. Keep them dry

    If you are carrying leather even this season, remember that they are not wet. If it gets wet, dry it immediately with a dry cloth and place it in a ventilated place.

    4. Do not keep in the hot sun

    Many people use leather bags to keep them in the sun to dry, but doing so can cause the color of the bag or shoes to fade. Do not expose to direct sunlight in such situations.

    5. Use antiseptic liquid

    Whenever you clean skin things, use antiseptic lactic such as Dettol etc. when wiping. By doing this, the growth of bacteria can be prevented.

    6. Polishing required

    Whenever you use them, make sure they are polished. Keep shoes, bags, etc. in the store after polishing. By doing this they will live a long life.

    7. Put a leather jacket like this

    If you have a leather jacket, dry it before it rains. If it smells of sweat, it can be spoiled. In addition to this, hang it on the hanger all year round. Keep checking in and keep showing the wind.

    8. Get rid of fungus or fungus in this way

    If mold forms on leather items during the rainy season, immediately place them in a well-ventilated place and expose them to light sunlight. Then wipe well. You can use antiseptic liquid for this. Then let it dry again.

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    9. Use silicone gel

    Whenever you store shoes or other leather items, keep a silicone gel bag in the box. This will keep them fresh for a long time and protect them from spoilage. Wrap in cloth whenever you can.(Denial: The information and data provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi News18 These do not confirm. Please consult the relevant expert before following these.)

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