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    Learn expert opinions on why a healthy stomach is important for immunity

    Intestinal Health News: For the past year and a half since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, there has been talk of increasing immunity everywhere. For this, people are still taking vitamin C and many home remedies. Different types of herbs are also used in the treatment of diseases. But when using these things, people often forget about stomach health. ht According to the news, if the stomach or intestines are not healthy, then the immunity will not increase.

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    The body’s second brain
    According to health experts, the intestine or stomach is the second brain in our body. What we eat has a direct effect on our health. From hormone levels to reproductive health, everything is related to food and drink. Nutritionist Manisha Chopra said that intestinal health is very important for our body. Because the gut contains many types of immune cells. In addition, the intestines contain a number of good bacteria that kill any infectious viruses, bacteria or fungi. A healthy gut is also connected to the brain through hormones and nerves. This is why having a healthy gut is so important.

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    The number of good bacteria needs to be maintained
    Dietitian Ruchi Parmar said the bacteria found in the gut produce chemicals. These chemicals command the immune cells to eliminate harmful viruses from the brain and nervous system. We have billions of germs in our gut. This is called the human microbiome. They activate the immune system to kill the invading virus. Therefore, it is important that the number of good bacteria present in our gut remains intact. If it doesn’t, no matter how hard you try to boost immunity, it won’t get stronger.

    How to create a healthy gut
    First, drink enough water. After that, fiber rich green vegetables should be used. Use coconut oil or virgin olive oil instead of saturated oil. Mustard or refined oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids. It is beneficial for the body in small amounts but its excess is very harmful. Nutritious green leafy vegetables are very good for the stomach.

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