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    Include these 5 foods in your daily diet for weight gain, the effects will be visible in a month!

    The best foods to gain weight naturally: It is commonly seen that people gain weight by going to the gym and using protein supplements available in the market. But let us tell you that these synthetic protein supplements can damage our liver, kidneys and many parts of the body. In that case, if you take the help of natural things and include those foods in your daily diet that are high in protein, you can gain weight easily and without any harm. So let us tell you what things you can do to gain weight.

    Eating these things causes weight gain

    1. Date with gram

    It is a local and extremely beneficial healthy food, by eating it regularly we can keep ourselves healthy. If you eat gram and dates on an empty stomach in the morning, you will start gaining weight in a few days.

    2. Eggs

    Eggs are high in protein and calories. In that case, if you boil 2 eggs and eat them every day, then you can gain weight.

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    3. Milk and bananas

    Bananas are rich in calories, which give energy to the body. When eaten mixed with milk, it acts as a protein supplement. You can make a banana shake and drink it.

    4. Raisins

    If you eat a handful of raisins every day, you may gain weight. Soak raisins and figs overnight and eating them in the morning will definitely increase your weight.

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    5. Milk-nuts

    You soak 3 to 4 nuts in water at night and crush the nuts the next day and mix it with a glass of milk. You do it every day. You will see the effect in a few days. (Denial: The information and data provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi News18 These do not confirm. Please consult the relevant expert before following these.)

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