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    If you want to get rid of the excruciating pain of migraine immediately, follow these home remedies

    Natural remedies for migraine pain: Migraine is not a common headache, if you experience it, you may find that it consists of problems such as nausea, sensitivity to bright light or sound, blurred vision with severe headache. When a migraine attacks, we are ready to do anything to cure it. Health line According to this, natural remedies are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of migraine. But it is also important to know that if it is becoming unbearable and there is no relief for a few hours, then the advice of a doctor is very important. So let’s find out the home remedies for migraine.

    1. Drink coffee

    A small amount of caffeine in the body can relieve migraine pain. In this case you drink black coffee. But sometimes taking too much caffeine can cause migraines.

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    2. Lavender oil

    Studies have shown that if you inhale lavender oil during a migraine attack, it shows some effects within 15 minutes. In such situations, you can breathe directly or by placing it on a handkerchief.

    3. Peppermint oil

    If the migraine has just started and if you inhale peppermint oil at the same time, it can stop it from progressing.

    4. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon can also relieve the excruciating pain of migraine. You can get relief by applying it in the form of a decoction or paste on the head.

    5. Ginger

    If migraine pain starts, chew a piece of ginger in your mouth. You will rest. You can also drink it in the form of tea.

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    6. Foods rich in magnesium oxide

    Health line Accordingly, if you regularly eat foods rich in magnesium oxide such as nuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, cashews, eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter, milk, etc., you can avoid it.

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