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    If you want to enhance the beauty of the house, never make these mistakes, the whole look of the house is ruined.

    Here are some home decoration mistakes you should avoid: Whether the house is small or large, a house is a house. We all try our best to make it beautiful. For this we buy expensive decorative items from the market. To make the house look perfect, they buy and decorate curtains etc. from the designed furniture. But sometimes even the most expensive and beautiful things are not suitable for home decoration. A lot of times we try to apply them in different ways but the perfect look is not seen. If something like this happens to you, then here we are telling you the mistake of arranging some similar house, which is probably wasting all your hard work and money.

    1. Extra furniture

    Many homes are found to be full of extra furniture for decoration, but let us tell you that this method of yours can actually ruin the beauty of the house. Not only are these difficult to manage, they also cover a lot of space. So always remember that the wider the house, the more beautiful it will look. Do not bring extra furniture into the house in such a situation.

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    2. Wrongly hanging artwork on the wall

    A lot of times people bring expensive artefacts home, but after putting them on the wall their show doesn’t come out openly and they start to look awkward. In such a situation, it is important to know that whenever you buy a work of art, keep in mind the size and color of the house. Beyond that, whenever you decorate them on the wall, keep in mind that their height should be slightly above eye level.

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    3. Incorrect screen size

    The role of curtains is also very important in decorating the house. In such cases, buy with their color, material, size, pattern, etc. in mind. Other than that, if you are decorating a small house, it is better to use light and light colored curtains. The size of the screen should not be such that it touches the ground and it should also be noted that it should not be higher than the ground.

    4. Use the same fabric everywhere

    Many times we complete the matches using the same fabric throughout the house. But it brings boredom to the house. You can decorate each house with different fabrics. You can test them with patterns.

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