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    If you have icing on your face, never make these mistakes

    Icing Mistakes: People get instant glow on the skin, apply ice cubes on the face, prolong makeup, improve blood circulation and flush out toxins, but many times the results of icing are not getting what they deserve. In addition, icing causes many skin problems. This happens because when using ice cubes, you make something like this, which you should avoid. Let us know what mistakes should be avoided while icing on the face.

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    Do not clean the face

    Most people do not clean their face before icing. This mistake should be avoided and before using ice cubes, the skin should be cleansed with a face wash. So that the oil or dirt present on the skin can be cleaned. Icing should be done after that. This gives better results.

    Using straight ice cubes

    Many people use ice cubes directly on the skin to make icing. It should not be done. This way, your skin gets less benefit, but it can cause irritation and irritation to the skin. For icing, you should wrap the ice cube in a cotton and light cloth and use it. Even better results come out.

    Icing a few times

    Some people use ice cubes in the face several times a day. Not only that, rub the cubes hard on the skin. If you want better results in icing, you need to avoid these mistakes. You should avoid making icing more than once a day, as well as rub ice cubes very gently on the skin.

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    Ignore skin type

    Regardless of skin type, some people use ice cubes on the skin several times. Your skin type should not be ignored though. Because the skin is sensitive, it can cause rashes.

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