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    If you have heartburn and stomach ache after meals, take the help of this home remedy.

    Home Remedies for Stomach Irritation and Pain: Due to our chaotic routine, most of us suffer from problems like stomach ache, gas, loose speed every day. This problem is mainly due to eating chili spices. In addition, some people always have stomach problems with acidity and cannot easily digest what they eat and feel uncomfortable all the time. To avoid such problems, diet or any medicine taken can be taken, but you can treat it without medication. You do not need to go to your doctor for this, but you can fix it with some things present in your kitchen. Here we are talking about the home remedies that came from the time of grandmother, which has been correcting the problem of human digestion for years.

    Home Remedies for Stomach Problems

    1. Eat molasses

    If you feel discomfort after eating and have problems like heartburn, then you must eat a piece of molasses after eating. Instead of chewing it with your teeth, put it in your mouth for a while and keep sucking. These help release food-digesting enzymes, which take much less time than before to digest your food. It is very effective in curing heartburn.

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    2. Fennel water

    If you suffer from acidity problems with eating, fennel water can be very beneficial for you. For this, mix 1 teaspoon of fennel in a cup of water and leave it overnight. Turn it on in the morning. You can boil it and drink it. One teaspoon of honey can be added according to taste. It is very useful to overcome the problem of acidity.

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    3. Aloe vera juice

    You can eat aloe vera juice to overcome the problem of constipation. It increases the amount of water in your intestines, which can alleviate the problem of constipation. In such cases you can eat aloe vera juice in the regular market. It can relieve stomach irritation and pain. (Denial: The information and data provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi News18 These do not confirm. Please consult the relevant expert before following these.)

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