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    If you have any questions about corona termination, find out what scientists are saying

    When will Kavid end: Corona has caused havoc everywhere. There is no area of ​​life that has not been affected by Corona. The world is foggy. Even now there are school-college locks in some places. People are not going to the office. In such a situation, the only question in everyone’s mind is when this corona will go away completely. Scientists have given alarming signs in answer to this question. ndtv According to reports, scientists say that corona can devour us all or that it will not go away until everyone gets the corona vaccine.

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    In this case, the corona will end
    Some people think that Corona may not come now, but scientists do not agree at all, but their fears are even more frightening. Some scientists believe that before the end of the corona, either all people would have been vaccinated or almost all people would have been infected. This means that the corona will not go away until it happens to all the people in the world or all the people in the world get vaccinated.

    Scientists also say that there will be some people who can get a double corona infection. Some scientists also think that the fight between the corona virus and humans cannot end until the corona touches us all.

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    The adviser to the US president has said this
    Michael Osterholm, an adviser to US President Joe Biden and director of the American Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, said: “As far as I can see, corona infections are on the rise around the world. Will grow again.

    “We’re fighting to get to the top of the valley,” Osterhom said. This is what we are going to do for the next few years. In the meantime, we will get many more vaccines that will help but not diminish the challenges. I don’t know when we measure this valley, but I can say that this corona virus is like a forest fire that won’t stop until we burn wood like humans can afford.

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