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    If you are growing vegetables at home in the rainy season, follow these tips, the plants will not be damaged

    Tips for growing vegetables at home: Many people started growing vegetables at home during the Corona epidemic. Surely these vegetables are more beneficial than the vegetables available in the market. They do not use pesticides and do not use artificial compost. Because of this they do not cause any harm to health, but there are some problems in vegetable cultivation in monsoon. For example, insect infestation on leaves, lack of full growth of fruit, leaf removal etc. There are some things we need to keep in mind to avoid all this. If you follow some special tips for caring for your garden, your vegetables will grow faster.

    1. Need to keep in the sun

    In the rainy season, the leaves often wrinkle. In fact, these are due to the presence of bacteria in the soil. If you have such problems with the leaves of your plants, it is important to keep them in the sun.

    2. Quickly remove the curl leaves

    If the leaves of your tomato tree are shriveled, cut them off immediately. Otherwise, insects will also ruin the fruit.

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    3. Spray with butter

    You can take the help of home remedies to get rid of insects. You leave the butter in a container for about 1 week and now mix it with water and spray on the leaves and soil.

    4. Try beer

    The holes in the leaves of spinach, loaf, and bottled vegetables are caused by insects. You can use beer to remove these. Place the beer in a small bowl and place around the roots of the tree. Its smell attracts insects and they die as soon as they drink it.

    5. Use neem oil

    You can use neem oil as a pesticide to kill insects. You mix neem oil in soapy water and sprinkle on the vegetable leaves. Its use also improves the growth of plants and leaves.

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    6. Use clove and eucalyptus oil

    If you see white or small insects on the leaves, you can use clove oil and eucalyptus oil to get rid of them. Mix these two in some water and fill this solution in a spray bottle. Spray the roots and leaves with it once a week.

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