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    If there are fungi on the clothes during the rainy season, follow these procedures

    Tips for removing fungus from clothes: It is common to find fungi in the rainy season. But the problem comes most when the fungus sticks to the clothes. Because there was a slight negligence in cleaning these and if you wear them by mistake, there is a risk of itching and rash infection on the skin. The main reason for the appearance of fungus on the clothes is that the clothes do not dry completely during the rainy season and there is moisture in them, due to which the fungus is caught in the clothes. Getting rid of this fungus is a very difficult task. But here we are telling you some easy ways to get rid of fungus on clothes. Let us know about it.

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    Show sun clothes

    In the rainy season, the sun rarely comes out and even when it does, people do not put on clothes outside thinking it is not raining. Due to this moisture stays in the cloth and fungus gets caught in the cloth. Therefore, whenever the sun comes out, be sure to expose the clothes to sunlight for a while, even if the clothes seem dry to you. If you expose your clothes to sunlight, you will not have any problem with fungus, but you will also get rid of bad smell and all kinds of bacteria.

    Put silica gel or neem leaves

    Silicate gel sachet can be placed in the middle of the cloth before putting it in the cupboard. It absorbs the moisture present in the fabric and there is no fear of fungus in the fabric. If you want, you can also wash and dry the neem leaves and put them in a cloth. It also gets rid of fungi and bacteria.

    Use sodium tetraborate

    Sodium tetraborate can be used to remove fungus from fabrics. It is a natural cleaner that easily removes fungus from clothes. It can also be used as a detergent powder.

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    Take the help of lemon and salt

    Lemon and salt can also be used to remove fungus from clothes. Prepare a solution of lemon and salt for this and place this solution in the place where there is fungus in the cloth, keep the cloth like this for a while. After that, clean the fungus and wash off as usual.(Disclaimer: The information and data provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi News18 does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before implementing them.)

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