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    If more pepper is added to the vegetables, reduce the spices in these ways

    Spicy dishes: Have a party at home and all the food preparation is almost done, at the last minute you check the dishes. Suddenly a bitter taste of pepper in the mouth while tasting the vegetables. In such a situation, it is inevitable for someone to come in the dark. When you are supposed to have organizers and guests come, dealing with such situations becomes very challenging. If you are in a similar situation, there is no need to panic. We are going to tell you some ways to reduce the spice of food in a very short time. Follow this low you can easily get out of this problem.

    Use these methods
    1. Use dairy products
    Dairy products are very useful in reducing the spice of any vegetable or food. There is a chemical compound inside the pepper, capsaicin, which causes the pepper to have an intensity. Dairy products should be used to reduce the strength of these chemical compounds. Milk, heavy cream, yogurt, cheese or sour cream can be used. In addition, coconut milk can be effective in reducing the intensity.
    2. Use of sweets
    People usually prefer to add sugar or molasses to food when it is spicy. This is an easy and effective way to reduce the spice in food. Sugar helps to balance the spices of the pepper. In this case a little sugar, molasses or CT can be used.

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    3. Increase the amount of other ingredients
    If there is no opportunity to reduce the spice with dairy products and sugar, then increasing the amount of other ingredients used in the dish may be a good option to reduce the pepper spice.
    4. Serve with starch
    Increasing the amount of starch in the food can also be beneficial so that the intensity of the pepper is not felt more during the meal. For this, using pasta, rice, bread or cereal may be a good way.
    5. Add acidic ingredients to food
    Acidic substances can play a better role in reducing the spice of pepper. If there is too much pepper, vinegar, lemon or lime juice and chopped tomatoes can be added to the food. Before adding it, remember to use only those ingredients that will help enhance the taste of your food.

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    6. Add the almond butter
    If adding almond butter to your food enhances the taste, you can use it to reduce spices. The effect of capsaicin is less because of the amount of fat present in it.

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