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    Happy Teacher’s Day 2021: Happy Teacher’s Day with this message

    Happy Teacher’s Day: The occasion of Teacher’s Day is very special. On this day, not only the students studying in the present hall, but also the people remember their teachers and thank them, who finished their studies long ago. To show respect to your teachers, you can send greetings to them with the help of this message, quote and SMS provided here.

    Teacher Day Feathers Good luck Message …

    1) To follow the lesson of true justice, the teacher told us,

    To fight the struggles of life, teachers teach us.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

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    2) Guru Govinda, give me a cake.

    Balihari Guru, you have told Govinda Deo.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    3) All are equal to the teacher, whether he is rich or poor,

    Teacher’s boat on shore, teacher’s support for sinking,

    As the teacher always said, hard work is the real gem.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    4) Gurubrahma Gururvishnuh Gururdebo Maheshwar.

    Guru: Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurbe Namah.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    5) I don’t know how to say thank you, just need your blessing every moment,

    Where I am today, I have a great contribution, all of you who have given me so much knowledge.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    6) You have enabled me to achieve my goal,

    You’ve always been so supportive, whenever I’ve felt like I’ve been defeated.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    7) Which is right, which is wrong,

    You teach this,

    Which is false and which is true

    You explain the matter,

    When I don’t understand anything,

    You make the path easier.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    8) If you give a cut of a diamond, the price increases.

    If you have the wealth of knowledge, your life will be saved.

    If you place fruits and flowers in front of God, it becomes prasadam.

    If the disciple bows before the guru, he becomes a man.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    9) Who makes us a good and true man,

    Acknowledge right and wrong,

    Many thanks to those teachers.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    10) A day spent with a great teacher,

    Reading with perseverance is better than 1000 days.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    11) You are the inspiration of my life,

    You are my guide

    You are the guide of life,

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    12) Where is the guru without knowledge?

    His knowledge has no beginning or end here.

    Where the Guru taught,

    A statue of etiquette was erected there.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    13) A good teacher is like a candle,

    He ignites himself and shows the way to others.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    14) The literate make us,

    Explain what life is

    When we fall, we give up courage.

    Only such great people are called teachers.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

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    15) A good teacher gives hope,

    Ignites the imagination.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    16) The highest position of the Guru

    Guru Bin Ko Na Duja

    Let the Guru cross everyone’s boat

    The glory of the Guru is infinite

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    17) The flame of knowledge has been kindled by removing ignorance,

    We learned from being with you,

    When we go astray,

    So you showed us the right way.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    18) To educate us,

    The hard work you put in,

    And tried,

    We will be eternally grateful to him.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

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