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    Handle this way to prevent breakage of valuable crockery, it can be used for a long time

    How to manage and organize crockery: Many times we buy expensive and beautiful crockery for Diwali or any special occasion and put it on the shelf. Many prefer to keep them in the kitchen, while others use them as decorators on shelves in their seating area. Usually these are only used for a special occasion. Let us tell you that crockery has mechanical strength and resistance, but they are very fine. This is why they can easily break down due to carelessness in preserving it. In such situations, more care is needed to protect them from breakage and cracking. Today we will tell you any tips you can keep your crockery safe for a long time.

    Do not place heavy containers on them

    Whenever you place crockery, always take special care so that heavy utensils are not placed on them. In such situations always place heavy and large plates underneath and place light containers on top of them. Not only that, if you put more utensils together it can damage the plate and crockery.

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    Use paper

    Whenever you place crockery, remember that they are not wet. After wiping them, place them in two containers of paper or tissue paper. By doing this they do not stick to each other and do not rub.

    Take care of the temperature during cleaning

    Whenever you wash crockery dishes, remember that they are not too hot or too cold. When this happens, they can crack and break. Always clean them with normal or mild water.

    Use white paper instead of newsprint

    If you keep crockery wrapped in newsprint, they can get newspaper ink on them. In such cases, it is better to use paper without printing.

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    Use a towel

    Whenever you want to wash crockery, clean them carefully and place them upside down on a towel. This way they will not break and their water will be easily clean. (Denial: The information and data provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 These do not confirm. Please consult the relevant expert before following these.)

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