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    Fruit juice or fresh fruit, which is more beneficial for health?

    Fruit or Fruit Juice: If someone asks you to choose between fruit and fruit juice, you may get confused and start reaching for the juice but I will tell you that if you want to choose these two healthier alternatives than juice. The fruit is more beneficial. This is why doctors recommend eating fresh fruit instead of juice. Let us tell you why fruit is said to be healthier and more beneficial than juice.

    1. Lack of fiber

    Myoclinic According to this, fiber is a very important element for our body, which not only keeps the intestines moving properly but also keeps the stomach full for a long time, but when we eat juice instead of fruit, all the fiber in the fruit gets filtered.

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    2. High calorie

    Usually a fruit has fewer calories, but when it is eaten in the form of juice, the calorie count increases significantly. This is because if you drink a glass of juice, it contains a lot of fruit juice. If you are eating packaged juice, adding sugar to it will add more calories.

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    3. High sugar

    If you eat packaged juice, it can be harmful instead of beneficial. In fact, packaged fruit juices are more flavorful and add sugar. Due to which the level of sugar in the body may increase.

    4. Lack of micronutrients

    Packaged fruit juices have to go through a number of processes that remove many micronutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin C.

    You can include fruit in your diet to stay healthy and fit.

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