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    From the south Anna starts the ‘Shiva Tikki Wala’ shop, reach Karkarduma and taste it

    (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)
    A few years ago, a young South Indian came to Delhi from South India in search of employment. For some time he was with his relatives in the Madrasi block of Shakurpur Colony in North Delhi. As he lay on the bed on the street outside, the emperor in front of him saw the name of the movie and wondered what to do. Relatives said Anna would have to open a dosa-vad samba shop. Those poor people did not have the resources for this work. Second, there were already many stores where he lived. He left this colony and came to Jamunapar. There he arranged a bowl of potato chips. While the work was going on, khomche, valle-papri, golgappa work was also added. Luck was high. Work in progress and items added.

    Now this shell has been converted into a store and is running well. People have been liking the taste of bringing for many years. The special thing is that food items were added but South Indian food could not be added to it. Anna’s innocent answer is – I’m busy with these things. Let us also tell you that now the food items of this shop have become a lot, but only ‘Tikki’ is attached to the name of the shop.

    Tiki’s sweet-sour-spicy taste has an effect on the tongue and brain
    If you reach the community center near Karkardumar in Jamunapar, ask someone there where is the shop of ‘Shiva Tikki Wala’? He’ll tell you, that’s it. A few years ago, the name of this shop was Shiva Tikki Bhandar. First of all, let’s talk about the tikki of this shop. As soon as the tikki filled with lentils is fried in a large pan, the smell starts. After it has become crispy, sweet chutney, green chutney, ginger flakes, thin yogurt and pomegranate seeds are given, then the person starts to feel dizzy while eating. As soon as you eat it you will feel that the creator is an old player.

    The sweet-sour-spicy taste dissolves in the tongue and begins to have an effect on the mind and heart. It came out of the mouth unspoken that this kind of taste was sought. A plate of this wonderful tikki costs Rs. In fact, this restaurant is called khomche ka khabar. These include Alu Chaat, Dahi Bhalla Bhalla Papri, in addition to four Golgappas worth Rs. The price of each plate is 80 rupees.

    Malay champ, cheese tikka, achari champ, whatever you eat, absolute happiness
    When the hot pot was ‘full’, Anna ‘expanded’ it. Mumbai dish pav-bhaji was started. She’s gone. People are surprised that a person from South India is mastering the food of other provinces instead of the khan of his ‘country’. With that, the flame of chap on tandoori snacks began. Which made this restaurant famous. The flying smell of Malay champ, cheese tikka, achari champ, tawa chap, tawa mushroom attracts more people. Items like Malay Tikka Roll also started to go with them and people started to enjoy the taste. It was clear that if you want cluttered items, they are also available. If Punjabi style tikkas are required, they are also available. Tikka-pressure-roll costs from Rs 160 to Rs 220 per plate. People say that the effect of the spices used in the dishes of this shop is magical. Once you eat it in the store, I feel like trying again.

    Anna and Tambi made their way through hard work
    We told you that the owner of this shop is a South Indian named Shiv Kumar. He started this work in 1992. Which is gradually expanding. When the work was over, he also called his younger brother Tombi from South India. Today the two brothers are busy feeding people delicious food. “We have noticed from the beginning that the taste of South Indian food should be different in our diet,” he said. Some ‘tech’ was done a long time ago, but we didn’t enjoy it. Therefore, it was decided that North India should be kept in focus in taste. The restaurant smokes in the oven at 4 pm and the catering continues till 11 pm. No vacation.

    Nearest metro station: Karkarduma

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