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    Following the vegan diet to stay fit, find out the advantages and disadvantages

    Vegetarian diet: Nowadays, the trend of vegetarian food is in full swing. To stay fit and lose weight, this diet is followed a lot in the fitness industry. But there are many ordinary people who do not know about vegetarian food and its advantages and disadvantages. So let us tell you today what a vegetarian diet is and what its advantages and disadvantages can be. Let us know about this.

    What is vegetarian food

    A vegan diet is a diet in which animals or products made from them are not eaten. These include dairy products, milk, honey, cheese, butter, eggs and meat. This diet includes only leguminous plants, grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits. Many people call it vegetarian food but it is completely different from vegetarian food because vegetarian food is not forbidden to eat cheese, butter and milk, yogurt.

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    The benefits of a vegetarian diet

    Vegan diets are rich in anti-oxidants. These things protect the body from getting sick quickly. A vegetarian diet also helps keep away diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

    There is absolutely no cholesterol in the vegetarian diet. Also, it contains very little saturated fat. Because of this, the risk of many diseases is reduced. In addition, it helps maintain heart health.

    This food also protects the lives of animals and birds.

    The vegan diet also proves to be helpful in protecting the environment. In addition, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

    The vegan diet helps you lose weight by reducing your calorie intake and increasing your protein intake.

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    Disadvantages of a vegetarian diet

    The vegan diet also has some disadvantages. Completely eliminating animal products from your diet can lead to a variety of nutritional deficiencies in the body.

    The body does not get vitamins and minerals such as calcium and omega-3, which are found in most meat and dairy products.

    One has to rely on other sources to provide adequate nutrition to the body. Due to which there is a possibility of digestive system damage.

    You may have a physical weakness due to environmental and animal protection and eating environmentally friendly food.

    If you are a fan of eating out, it will be impossible for you to eat out, as there are very few restaurants that serve vegan diet. (Disclaimer: The information and data provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi News18 does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before implementing them.)

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