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    Fastag News: Before you go on the highway, see if your Fastag is a duplicate, how to avoid it

    New Delhi. If you are preparing to travel on the highway in your car and make sure that you do not have to stop at the toll plaza because of FASTag. So once you check your fasttag. Somewhere you accidentally bought a duplicate FASTag. Duplicate FASTag was found in some vehicles at the toll plaza of NCR. In view of this, the National Highways Authority of India has issued a warning in this regard and has given way to avoid duplicate FASTag.
    Recently, fake FASTags have been set up at the Chijarsi toll booth on NH-9 in Ghaziabad. The National Highway Authority of Duplicate FASTag has been aware of the continuing availability. The NHAI has issued a warning on its website. According to NHAI officials, drivers only need to buy FASTag from a bank selected by the NHAI and a legitimate center in the vicinity of the toll plaza.

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    Mudit Gorg, NHAI project director, said FASTags sold in the market could be counterfeit. Buy FASTag only from legitimate centers in the vicinity of banks and toll plazas selected by NHAI. If there is no fasttag, you have to pay double toll at the toll plaza.

    FASTag is available at this bank
    FASTag is available at Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, NHAI FASTag, SBI and Syndicate Bank. If you want to get FASTag online, get it from the website.

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