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    Excessive use of diapers can upset babies

    Diaper Side Effects: In today’s world, the tendency of children to wear diapers has increased a lot. Until a few days ago children felt the need to wear diapers only when traveling, but now due to the busy schedule of many parents, due to avoiding some work, children are kept at home for a long time. Wearing diapers, but let us tell you that diapers can help you make your job easier, but babies can have a lot of problems due to overuse. Let us know about it.

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    There may be a rash on the skin

    Wearing diapers for a long time can cause rashes on the skin of children. For this reason, there can be problems such as red rashes on the skin, itching and cracking of the baby’s skin.

    May cause infection

    Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults. Prolonged use of diapers can lead to infections. In fact, diapers contain many types of chemicals. There is also a layer of plastic, which does not allow moisture to be felt, but in the absence of air passage it can cause infection.

    Bacteria can grow

    Because of wearing diapers for a long time, the baby often goes to the toilet in diapers, but the parents do not change it quickly because they do not feel wet. Which can cause bacteria to grow in the toilet. Which can harm the health of the baby.

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    Take this precaution

    Many times such occasions and situations come up that diapers have to be used even if there is no desire. In such a situation, in terms of your child’s health, you can take some precautions.

    Do not wear diapers for more than three to four hours.

    Keep checking diapers from time to time.

    If the diaper is wet, change it immediately.

    Clean the skin thoroughly before opening the diaper and wearing the other one.

    After wiping the skin with a mild anti-septic, wear another diaper after drying.(Denial: This Section Inside Gave Gone Information And Notification General Faith Feathers Based Huh. Hindi News18 Them Confirmation No. By Is. Inside Feathers Execution To do From Before Related Expert From Communication Tax.)

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