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    Easy way to identify real and fake molasses

    How to identify chemical-free molasses: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. Diabetes is a serious lifestyle disease. When the amount of sugar in the blood increases, diabetes occurs. Wrong eating habits and excess sugar intake are thought to be responsible for this. Eating too much sugar can harm even a healthy person. There are many sugar options on the market, but molasses is the most suitable of these options. Molasses can be beneficial not only for diabetics, but also for healthy people. Molasses is made indigenously. However, nowadays some chemicals have been added to make molasses look more beautiful. These chemicals can be harmful to the body. So the real molasses needs to be identified. On Instagram, Chef Pankaj Bhadauria talks about how to identify real and fake molasses. You can identify chemical rich molasses with these tips.

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    How to recognize the real molasses?
    Soda is most commonly used in molasses. The more soda you use, the whiter the molasses will be. In addition, due to the presence of chemicals, molasses is very good to see, but such molasses will not be good in quality. Such molasses may be a mixture of calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

    The weight of molasses increases due to calcium carbonate. Although molasses polish shows up due to calcium bicarbonate, it can be harmful to health. The original molasses looks dark brown or black. Similar molasses is also made in the village.

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    Chemically mixed molasses salty and bitter.
    Sugar crystal imitation molasses is added to increase its sweetness.
    If the molasses is not completely dissolved in water or if a piece of molasses freezes under water, then this type of molasses is fake.

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