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    Don’t take this mosquito-borne disease lightly, know this important thing

    Mosquito diseases: During the Corona period, it is important to be aware of mosquito-borne diseases because there is no denying the fact that thousands of people die each year from mosquito-borne diseases around the world. This is why the administration has taken various measures to prevent the spraying of drugs. A report has been published in the Daily Jagran on what measures the administration and the people are taking to avoid mosquitoes. The report of this survey conducted by the local circles has revealed a lot of surprising information.

    In a survey of more than a thousand people in 252 districts of the country, percent0 percent said that municipal corporations and panchayats did not spray once or twice a year. Think, in the Corona era, we are taking rain-related diseases lightly. This is certainly a matter of concern. In this survey, a lot has come out about the methods of protection from mosquitoes. This is at a time when the world is crying out for mosquito-borne diseases and India is considered to be the most affected country.

    There are so many crores of dengue cases every year
    About 96 million dengue cases occur each year and about 40,000 people die. According to the survey, 17 times more people are infected with mosquitoes than with infectious diseases.

    Public opinion on spraying by the government
    At the time of the survey, when people were asked how many times a year they were sprayed in their area, 37 percent said they had never been sprayed in their area. At the same time, 33 percent of people said that once or twice a year.

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    10 percent of people believe it has been sprayed 3 to 6 times a year. 8 percent believe that spraying is done 6 to 12 times a year, while 5 percent say the government sprays 12 times more. The survey also found that 100 percent of people who had an answer could not say whether they had been sprayed or not.

    What do people do to protect themselves from mosquitoes?

    1. According to the survey, 5 percent of people are sprayed by private services.

    2. In the survey, 33 percent of people said they use repellent machines, coils or rackets.

    3. There are 15% of people who use repellent liquids, sprays, creams or patches.

    4. In the survey, 1 percent of people say they take both options.

    5. In addition to this, 13 percent of people take other options besides all this.

    6. There are 23 percent of people surveyed who take both options first, i.e. they use repellent machine, racket repellent liquid, spray, cream or patch.

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    Apart from these, 100% of the people in the survey could not say anything, 100% of the people took the first three options. And there are 30 percent who take the 1st and 3rd options.

    How much do you spend per month on mosquito repellent?
    The survey found that 44% of people spend up to Rs 200 on mosquito protection. According to the survey, 18 percent of people spend Rs 200 to Rs 500 a month to protect themselves from mosquitoes. At the same time, there are 12 per cent people who have 500-1000 rupees. It costs

    The 5 percent number is 1000-2000 rupees who spend every month on mosquito protection. There are 20 percent people who don’t spend any money on it. At the same time, there are 1 percent who can’t tell how much money they’ve earned per month. Spend money to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

    The danger is great, caution is required
    Experts say that 17% more people suffer from mosquito and some other insect bites than from all infectious diseases. And because of this, 7 million people die every year worldwide. Worldwide, there are 219 million cases of malaria caused by Anopheles mosquitoes. At the same time, 4 lakh people die every year due to malaria. And most of them are children under 5 years old.

    Outbreaks of dengue in 129 countries
    According to reports, dengue is the most common infectious disease caused by the Aedes mosquito. In 129 countries, 9.9 billion people are at risk. Chikungunya, Zika, yellow fever, western blue fever and other diseases caused by Japanese encephalitis mosquitoes.

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