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    Dance therapy not only reduces tension-depression, but also heals mental ‘wounds’

    Health benefits of dancing: Dancing as a physical exercise is already quite popular, but now it is also being used as a therapy for the treatment of mental illness. According to a report published in Amar Ujala, some experts say that in their research, they have succeeded in reducing depression, anxiety and healing mental ‘wounds’ by physical activities such as dancing and dancing. According to research, this is why refugees from Western countries like the United States are taking great advantage of this dance therapy. Experts say these days could be very effective for people displaced from Afghanistan.

    Also beneficial for healthy people
    According to research, this activity has not only proved effective for people suffering from stress or depression, but it has also benefited healthy people. 23 Clinical studies have shown that dance and movement therapy may be effective in curing children with mental problems, young and old.

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    Also, a healthy person can take health benefits by taking it. The study further claims that dance therapy was more effective in reducing anxiety than other symptoms of psychosis.

    The old trend, the benefits of which are now known
    Lana Ruvolo Grasser, a PhD student and researcher at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA, used dance-based therapy to relieve stress and depression. Those who got positive results. He said the tendency for the body to move in a particular way is much older, but techniques such as dance therapy for mental health treatment have only begun to gain attention in the last few years.

    Supportive in school-college
    Grasser added, “I’m a dancer myself and I’ve found the emotional expressions of dance and dance to be incredibly helpful in psychiatry. It was especially helpful when I was feeling stressed and depressed in high school and college.

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    Long positive aspects of life
    According to Grasser, in 2017-2017, his lab ‘Stress Trauma and Anxiety Research Clinic’ started this therapy as part of a campaign to bring African refugee families out of stress. It has not only become a way for people to express good and bad feelings and memories, but it has also given them a positive direction in their long life by relieving their stress.

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