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    Climate change is making your favorite dry food test worse, find out why?

    Dried food: Due to climate change, which has become a cause of concern for the entire world, many countries are facing unpredictable situations of floods and droughts. Not only that, but food security is also facing a crisis due to sudden climate change and global warming. According to a report in the Daily Jagran, Dr. Charit Ratnayak, a lecturer at the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia, explains how changing weather can create a crisis for the food processing industry.

    Changes in the composition of fruits and vegetables
    The report added that the drought problem in Australia is getting worse. Dry weather affects the quality of fruits and vegetables, making it more difficult to convert fruits and vegetables prepared in dry weather into dried food.

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    Dried food is widely eaten in Australia. With this, about 70 percent of the products are exported. In 2018-19, Australia exported a variety of raisins worth 1 251 million (approximately Rs 185 crore). Climate change, under such circumstances, is becoming a crisis for the economies of many countries that depend on dry food.

    Drought effects
    According to Dr. Charit Ratnayak, the amount of water in the tree cells and tissues starts to decrease due to the continuous drought situation. It changes the composition of fruits and vegetables. For example, when dried, apples become hard and it becomes difficult to make dried food. There is also a risk of plant shrinkage and reduced yields. Potato chips, raisins and other such dried foods are also difficult to process. Not only that, their taste is also affected and many times such products are no longer usable.

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    Need to be recovered in time
    The report further states that the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that the situation will worsen if timely action is not taken. Global temperatures are rising rapidly. Of course, the drought situation will be more severe in Australia and other regions, including similar climates. The Government of India has taken a number of significant steps in recent years to promote food processing. The crisis of climate change could also have a major impact on these efforts.

    How to find a solution
    Surely the first solution to this crisis is for all governments to work together to reduce the risk of climate change. To control greenhouse gas emissions, where the risk of global warming is reduced, in addition, Australian researchers and engineers are also studying changes in food processing processes. This will make it easier to make dried food from fruits and vegetables with the changed structure. However, this is a complex process and will require understanding the changes that occur in plant cells. This procedure is temporary. Reducing the risk of climate change is the only permanent solution to this crisis.

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