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    Categorize children for covid vaccination, find out which children will be vaccinated first

    New Delhi. The vaccination campaign against corona is going on fast in the country. After the vaccination of adults, people over the age of 45 and then people over the age of 18, now the vaccine for children (covid vaccination for children) has been approved. Probably in the next few months children will also start getting the corona vaccine. However, a vaccination department will be created during this period and only children under that department will be vaccinated first.

    As with adult immunizations, a plan is being developed to immunize this age group. In this regard, the Chairman of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Task Force Operations Group Kovid-1 Dr. NK Aurora Reported that the primary groups when vaccinating adults were based on occupation, comorbidities or multiple diseases and age. In this group, the first vaccine was given on a priority basis to people at risk of infection and critically ill, to reduce mortality, but so far, the incidence of covid infection in children has not increased. The symptoms of the infection are very mild, asymptomatic or mild.

    At the same time, the incidence of death of children infected with covid (death of children with covid infection) was lower than that of adults. Therefore, as with adults, the priority for vaccinating Kovid will be determined among children. In this, the first group of children will be vaccinated against Covid, who already have many serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, CKD or kidney disease, liver or respiratory problems. In any of these situations, the effects of covid infection can be more severe than in normal children.

    With this, there are a total of 440 million children in India, of which 120 million children are in the age group of 12-17 years. According to the priority given to adults in vaccination, children will also be vaccinated, where comrade children will be vaccinated first.

    When will you get the vaccine?

    Dr Aurora said that in addition to vaccinating adults, vaccination for adolescents (Comerbides Society) could be started from mid-October. Where vaccinations for ordinary children or adolescents can be started only in the first noon of 2022. Currently, the production capacity of Zydus Cadila i.e. ZYCOV2 is 10 million doses per month. Therefore, it is estimated that the production capacity will increase from two to three crore per month in the next few months and all children and adolescents can be vaccinated in a few days. They say it needs to be understood that the process of making DNA vaccines is slow and that it also takes time to transfer its technology to other companies.

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