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    Cashew Pistachio Roll Recipe: Easy to make cashew pistachio roll, how to make at home

    Cashew Pistachio Roll Recipe: The era of sweets has started with the arrival of the festival. Almonds and pesto are ingredients that are used for snacks as well as desserts. Either way, cashew sweets are very popular during the festive season. One of those sweets is cashew pesto roll.
    These rolls are filled with dried fruit. In addition to giving a lot of energy, they are also delicious. Sweets made from cashew pistachios are easily available in the market, but nowadays many people are avoiding sweets made in the market. In such a situation, we will tell you how to make cashew and pesto roll recipe. These can also be served to guests at a dinner party.

    Ingredients of cashew and pesto roll

    Almonds – 750 g
    Pesto – 300 g
    Cubes of sugar – 800 g
    Cardamom powder – 5 g
    Silver Leaf (for sorting)

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    How to make cashew and pesto rolls

    To make cashew and pesto rolls, first fry the cashews. Then peel the pesto. Now grind the two separately and make a paste. Then add 650 grams of sugar to the almonds and 150 grams of sugar to the pesto mixture. Now cook both mixtures separately. When the sugar from both mixtures is dissolved, add the cardamom powder to it.

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    Now take it out of the pan. Now roll cashews and pesto and prepare them like a sheet. Place the two of them on top of each other, rolling in the middle. Now decorate with silver leaves and serve to the guest.

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