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    Camera Fatigue in Virtual Meetings – Research

    Fatigue in virtual meetings: In the Corona era, when going to the office stopped, the trend of virtual meetings increased. At first, there was a lot of joy among the people because one, you were saved from going out under the threat of virus, secondly your work is also going on, but people are feeling tired due to long online work and virtual meetings. According to a report in Daily Jagran, a study found that having the camera turned on in a virtual meeting increases ‘zoom fatigue’, which means the person feels tired and less energetic, and if the camera is turned off during that virtual meeting, fatigue is felt less. This conclusion according to the news Journal of Applied Psychology Is published.

    Self-presentation extra stress
    Alison Gabriel, a professor and researcher at the University of Arizona College of Management, said the partial introduction of the camera is also an important issue for ‘Zoom Fatig’. This has caused serious problems of fatigue among some employees.

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    He said it is often believed that if you turn on the camera during a virtual meeting, you are involved in activities, but there is an additional pressure of self-presentation when the camera is turned on. To look like a professional like yourself, the background should be the same, keep the kids away from the camera and so on.

    What happened in the study
    The study, conducted on 103 people over four weeks, had more than 1,400 observations. On this basis, Alison Gabriel said, ‘We have seen that there is more fatigue than turning on the camera during a virtual meeting because when people are asked to turn on the camera during a virtual meeting, they complain that such people are more tired than those who turn off the camera.

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    This fatigue reduces the level of talking and meeting attendance. This means that those who kept the cameras were less efficient than those who kept the cameras off.

    What is tension?
    The study found that the effects of fatigue in virtual meetings were greater due to the pressure of self-presentation on women and new employees. Analyzing this, Allison Grabiel said, ‘Women look more perfect and are more wary of any obstacles caused by children. Where new employees are under pressure to show themselves as active and productive.

    What can be done?
    Gabriel added that therefore telling employees to keep the camera on at zoom meetings may not be the best option. In such situations employees should be given the freedom to turn the camera on or off during a virtual meeting at will. It should also not be assumed that turning off the camera means that employees will be less busy or productive.

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