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    Building Recipe: Make raspberry building at home, follow these steps

    Building recipe: Hearing Imrati’s name, the sweetness melts in her mouth. Jalebi and Imrati are traditional Indian sweets. Also known as building militancy. Food lovers cannot forget the sweetness of dissolved sugar syrup in every turn. Its specialty is that it tastes as good as it is in hot food, but its taste remains intact despite being cold. The method of making it is almost the same as Jalebi. With the start of the festive season, the demand for it also increases. You can easily make it at home in this way.

    Building materials
    Washed urad dal (soaked in water overnight) – 2 cups
    Sugar – 3 cups
    Water – one and a half cup
    Saffron color – a pinch
    Cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon
    Ghee – 1/2 kg

    How to build a building
    To make the building, first wash the lentils and add color to it. Then beat well. Leave the lentils for three to four hours during the beef season. Now in the water
    Add the sugar and let it dissolve on low heat, this time stirring constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved. Continue to cook it until the sugar syrup is made.

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    Now add cardamom powder in it. Now pour the prepared solution through a hole in a cloth. Now make the edifice in hot ghee. Wrap more when building than jalebi. Let it cook over low heat until it is done
    Let it be crispy. Now take it out of the ghee and dip it in the syrup made earlier. Leave on for about three to four minutes. After that, while removing it, stir the syrup well. Now serve this hot edifice.

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