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    Breast milk is beneficial for the health of the premature baby’s heart – research

    Benefits of breast milk: From doctors to grandmothers, breast milk has many benefits, but did you know that if a premature baby is breastfed, their heart health and their development are like normal babies?

    According to the Daily Jagran, the study, conducted on 80 premature babies at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Ireland, found that babies who were more dependent on breast milk were one year older, born with full heart function. It was like normal children.

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    The study was led by Professor Afif Al-Khufashi, a pediatrician at RCSI, and concluded. Clothes (JAMA) is published in the Network Open Journal.

    Premature babies at risk
    According to research, premature infants or adults have an equal risk of death due to heart failure, heart failure, high blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

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    Researchers believe that some abnormalities are commonly seen in premature babies, including low ventricular (ventricular) size, decreased heart rate and contraction, and uneven increase in muscle mass. Because of these abnormalities, the hearts of these children work less than normal children and this problem persists until puberty.

    What happened in the study
    This study found that if a baby is exclusively breastfed for up to a month after birth, heart function becomes much more normal. It was also found that preterm infants who drank more breast milk had better right and left heart function and had lower lung pressure than infants who were formula fed. My heart is in good health. The condition was noticed a year after his discharge from the hospital. Researcher Al-Khufashi claims that this is the first study on early nutrition and its effects on the heart in premature infants.

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