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    Before getting the vaccine, find out what the ICMR expert thinks about sending children to school

    New Delhi. While the second wave of corona is underway in the country, the threat of a third wave is not over yet. However, due to the decline in the case of Kovid, schools have been opened for older children in many states, including Delhi. Because of the fear of corona (Covid-1), parents are still reluctant to send their children to school, as well as waiting for their children to be vaccinated. However, well-known experts in the country, who are monitoring every activity in Corona, say that children need to be sent to school for development.

    Recently, when Dr. N. N. K. Aurora, Chairman of ICMR’s Task Force Operations Group for Covid-19, was asked that some parents are reluctant to send their children to school due to suspicions of Covid’s third wave. Surely the third wave will actually come? In response to this question, he said that he personally felt that the current state of the virus, epidemiology, sero-positivity rate and, most importantly, the percentage of covid patients currently seen is 70 percent in the delta. So far, no new look has been seen in the last four weeks.

    He said it could be said that we are in the final stages of the second wave. The possibility of a third wave will only get stronger if we stop following the Covid compliant behavior, especially during the upcoming festive season. Gathering in one place to celebrate a festival can be harmful.

    Dr. about the school. Aurora said the school also needs to follow cowardly behavior. Crowds should not be allowed in the classroom. Masks should be used compulsorily for school teachers and children. School staff should encourage children to use masks. The children have been under house arrest for more than a year and a half, they have seen many incidents in their lives during the Covid period. Parents can consult a psychiatrist, educator or psychiatrist before making any important decisions.

    Asked about the arrival of the covid vaccine for children and the sending of children to school soon after some parents were vaccinated, he said children could wait to be vaccinated. Based on Indian and global data, it has been found that children are less likely to die of serious infections and covid than adults. However, the infection can be spread by children.

    Adults are 15 times more likely to die from covid infections and severe covid conditions than children under 18 years of age. Therefore, if adults living near children, whether at school or at home, all received the covid vaccine, we would be able to create a circle of covid infection protection for children. In this case, the spread of the virus and the possibility of infection can be greatly reduced or prevented.

    Dr. Aurora says she feels to me that parents must send their children to school and that it is not right to wait for the covid vaccine, for two main reasons. First, the risk of children being at serious risk of covid infection is low or negligible, second, it is very important for children to go to school for their mental and physical development.

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