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    Afghan pop singer who ran for her life tells a horrible story

    Afghan Pop Star: After the capture of Kabul on 15 August, the fear of the terrible Taliban was so great that ordinary people wanted to leave the country at any cost, but not everyone was so lucky. Only a few people were able to leave Afghanistan. One of them is Afghan pop star Ariana Grande. Ariana gained a lot of fame in the pop world, but the day the Taliban captured Kabul without firing a gun, she was so scared that she was able to leave everything and somehow managed to escape. Under Taliban rule, it was difficult for a female pop singer to get out of the boundary wall of a woman’s home, a situation that could not be tolerated by the Taliban. This is why he somehow escaped from Kabul after saving his life, but knowing the hardships he described could break anyone’s heart.

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    One of the mothers picked up the child and said, “Get him out of here somehow.”

    ndtv.com According to the report, Ariana says people have been living in fear and panic since the Taliban were captured. Everyone is trying to escape from Kabul. The condition of women and children at Kabul airport is such that everyone starts crying. “The day I arrived at Kabul airport, there was an atmosphere of panic and panic,” Ariana said. People were falling on each other. The whole world has seen this scene. He said, ‘Many people were trying to enter the plane by force. When I arrived at the airport struggling in the crowd, a woman handed me her child at the gate and said at least you take it with you. She was crying in a bad condition. Ariana says how can I separate a child from his mother.

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    My heart broke “I asked the American soldiers if I could take this child with his mother, if possible, but the young man refused,” Ariana said. My heart broke. “My heart goes out to the women and girls of Afghanistan,” she said. I will definitely continue to raise my voice for them. He said I was lucky to have a British passport, so I left, but what would happen to thousands of people who wanted to leave but had no passports.

    If there is one good friend of Afghanistan, it is India

    In an earlier interview with ANI, Ariana said Pakistan has the biggest role to play in strengthening and financing the Taliban. Thanking India, he said India has a lot of respect for the people of Afghanistan and has sheltered thousands of refugees. Ariana said over the years she has come to realize that if there is one good friend around, it is India.

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