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    7 effective ayurvedic remedies to reduce period pain

    Tips for period pain: Women have to face many problems during menstruation. Every woman’s period is different, some are painless, while others complain of severe pain, swelling and vomiting during this period. This stage is not only physically stressful, it also causes mental problems. Experts say that relying on medication is a relief for some time, but you need to work on your internal health to treat the root cause of the problem.

    News from According to, Ayurvedic doctor Dr Alka Bijayan recently shared some practical tips related to it on Instagram. You can incorporate it into your daily routine to get long-term relief from cramps and pain during periods.

    Dr Alka said, “These remedies are not a quick fix, but they do work to keep your rice (air) under control.

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    She added, ‘These are the little things that our grandmothers used to add to their daily cooking, which kept her and her daughter’s uterus healthy. Unfortunately, we have ignored these measures on the grounds that they are not modern or that many ‘studies’ have not yet been done to prove their effectiveness.

    Dr. Alka gave 7 tips

    – Drink fennel tea

    Use sesame oil for cooking

    Massage the body with sesame oil every day

    – Add more cumin, anise in cooking

    Avoid workouts during periods

    Exercise regularly for the rest of the day.

    – Cut down on sugar and sweets

    According to Dr. Al Alkar, “Ayurveda has clear reasons why and how these options in our kitchen help control rice or uterine contractions.” Would you try them now?

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