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    Jhansi: In Bundelkhand, this evil practice still exists, children are burnt to death with hot rods under the guise of illness.

    Shaswat Singh

    jhansi A bad practice has been going on in Bundelkhand for years, which will make your heart shudder. In tribal and backward areas of Bundelkhand, children with pneumonia are burned with hot rods to cure them. In this practice, the body of an innocent person is burned with a hot iron rod. That too so that the child recovers from pneumonia.

    Dr. Omshankar Chaurasia, head of pediatrics department at Maharani Lakshmibai Medical College in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, says that even after all these years, this practice does not seem to end in Bundelkhand. Every year 10 to 12 cases come to the medical college. These are only cases which are brought to the Medical College due to their seriousness. Besides, it is difficult to estimate how many innocent children will be subjected to this torture.

    The injured children were brought to the medical college in critical condition

    Dr. Chaurasia said that a child was admitted to the medical college a few days ago. Seven crescent moons were made on his body with iron rods (saria). Another child has five circular marks made on his back. The child’s condition was so critical that he had to be put on a ventilator. At the same time, another family arrived with their child, who was given 10 marks on his back by the impostor. However, when the child’s pneumonia did not resolve, he was finally brought to the medical college.

    Efforts are being made to stop the crime

    Jhansi Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sudhakar Pandey said that continuous efforts are being made to stop such malpractices. All health centers and ANMs have been told to stop the practice immediately if it is practiced in their area. Apart from this, visits are being made to tribal and backward areas with the team of Mental Disease Department. Efforts are being made by the health department to stop this evil practice.

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