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    Why is squid game becoming so popular, what is so special about this Korean show? Learn here

    New Delhi: Korean movies are gaining popularity in India. Korean web series, shows and films are especially watched by young and movie lovers. Recently, the Korean series Squid Games was released on Netflix. This series has also gained a lot of popularity in our country. It has become the most watched show. Where the stars of this series are gaining international popularity, at the same time this series of 9 episodes has stuck people.

    What’s so special about this show?
    This series is about the economic situation in South Korea. The series shows how 456 people gather in one place. Everyone here has one thing in common, money is needed. Some have bank loans and some have mafia loans. Even for the treatment of one’s mother, one needs money for the upbringing of one’s brother. These players also have character.

    Something like this game
    Addicted to gambling like player number 456. Due to which he has lost all his money. The wife also left. At the same time, player number 218 is the head of an investment company. She is a top student at her university. Smart, intelligent but Sang has been accused of embezzling customer money and the police are behind it.

    At the same time the number of players is 199 whose name is Abdul Ali. He is a Pakistani living in Korea. Who is playing this game to take care of his wife and young child.

    But what is the truth
    The funny thing is that everyone is told that everyone can win crores of rupees by playing a few simple games. But there is a truth behind this simple game. The game has to end but who is playing the game. What is the game behind it, is shown in this series.

    The struggle of author Huang Dong Huik
    Earlier, many producers, directors and actors rejected the series. The special thing is that this cycle has been going on for a decade. Writer Huang Dong-hyuk himself became part of the survival game. It finally started to happen in 2019. Prior to that, he met with producers and actors who were constantly rejecting the show. He said in an interview that people thought it was unrealistic. He even stopped writing and even sold a laptop for a living.

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