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    When BTS rapper Suga was chased by crazy fans, he would be surprised to know the truth

    The South Korean BTS band has millions of fans around the world. Fans are ready to go anywhere to see a glimpse of the band members. One of the Korean words is ‘saseng’. The term is used for an obsessive fan who doesn’t even think about their privacy in order to see their favorite star.

    A few years ago, the band’s Jean, (Jean) Suga, (Suga) J-Hope, (J-Hope) RM, (RM) Jimin, (Jimin) V, (V) and Junkuk arrived at an airport, where a large number of fans greeted him. Stood to greet. Meanwhile, a fan enters, evading the band’s security guard. He started following music producer and rapper Sugar. Later that ‘Saseng’ was also seen chasing Suga.

    A report from Koriabu said that while Suga was inside the building, the fan was seen moving inside the building. As soon as ‘Saseng’ reaches Suga, he starts trying to kiss her. Suga pushes him away from her and immediately the security guards arrive. The video was also shared on social media, capturing parts of the incident on camera. According to Koryabu, people have called the incident an attack on an artist’s privacy.

    Suga has mentioned on several occasions that while privacy is important to her, she also needs personal space. Many have expressed their views on social media and agreed with Sugar. One fan tweeted, “I swear, ‘Saseng’, stop it.”

    Other members of BTS are also annoyed for such crazy fans. Singer Wei Live, also known as Kim Taihyung, says that we also want to fly regularly, but are unable to do so due to fans, so have to travel on a charter plane. Fans sit in front of or in front of BTS if they know in advance.

    The singer says that the presence of fans in private places bothers him. BTS members do not want any fan to interfere in their privacy.

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