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    Shocking revelations in the case of robbery with Kim Kardashian in Paris, blame only the actress!

    Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian In a sensational robbery incident with (Kim Kardashian) in 2016, the robber made a big revelation. We tell you that around 6 years ago Kim was staying at a luxury hotel during Paris Fashion Week, with Kim being held hostage at gunpoint and robbed of crores of rupees. Although Kim was safe in the incident, he was mentally disturbed. Now years later, in a shocking revelation in the case, one of the arrested robbers said that ‘the actress should have been a little less dressed up’.

    Let us tell you that when Kim Kardashian was snapped during Paris Fashion Week, it was the talk of the world. The robbers entered the hotel room wearing police uniforms. A robber told Kim the reason for the robbery. Younis Abbas was one of the 12 people arrested for stealing Kim Kardashian’s jewelry.

    The biggest incident happened in France
    The robbers looted around 9 million Euros (around INR 72 crore) with Kim Kardashian at gunpoint. It was the biggest robbery in France in two decades. Speaking to VICE News, Younis Abbas said, ‘The idea to rob Kim came after she was repeatedly seen flaunting her jewelry on social media. As he was throwing money, and we took it. How guilty are we? I don’t care about it. They should have shown a little less. The way Kim was performing was going to provoke some people.

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    The ‘Grand Pa Dakat’ of Paris
    Abbas, 68, spent nearly two years in jail for the sensational robbery. Describing the robbery, Abbas claimed that Kim’s secretary tried to call for help, but dialed 911 despite being in France. We tell you that most of the robbers were 60-70 years old at the time of the crime, which is why the French media named the robbers ‘Grand Pa Robbers’. They all entered Kim’s apartment on October 3, 2016 around 2:30 PM. Kim later told police that one of them, in a police uniform, tied her up with plastic wire and tape and placed her in the bathtub.

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