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    Popular Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonca dies in plane crash, share this video before the crash

    Mumbai: Popular Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonca has died in a plane crash. The plane also had an uncle, a manager and a colleague who lost their lives in the crash. Mariella was 26 years old. With Singer’s death reported, officials say the incident happened in the state of Minas Gerais. No information is yet available on how the accident happened.

    Marilia Mendencker’s press office said in a statement that her producer Henrique Ribeiro, colleague Abigailli Silveira Dias Philho, as well as the pilot and co-pilot of the plane were killed in the crash.

    Marilia Mendonca made her mark in 2019 with the best album “Certanejo”. He won a Grammy Award for this album. Marilia was famous not only in Brazil but also in many other countries. About 22 million people follow him on YouTube. The singer also shared a video before the plane crash.

    According to news website G1, the plane was en route to Caringa from the Midwestern city of Goiিয়াnia, where 26-year-old Mendonca held a concert later Friday. The accident took place in a rural area of ​​Karingar. Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash, the report said.

    Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro tweeted condolences over the death of Marilia Mendonca. He wrote on Twitter, “The whole nation is shocked by this news, he added that Mendonca was one of the best artists of his generation. We think we have lost something very close to us.


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