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    Met Gala 2021: Kim Kardashian’s clothes made people laugh, it rained memes

    New Delhi: World famous personalities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Megan Fox were present on the red carpet of Met Gala 2021. Everyone is fascinated by her unique style, but Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense has caught everyone’s eye. From mango to special, everyone is discussing her dress. This is why it is raining memes on social media about her clothes.

    The theme of this year’s Met Gala is ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’. As always, there were some unique styles and costumes at this famous charity event. Kim Kardashian’s outfit has given people around the world a chance to laugh. The model was covered in black from head to toe, where her appearance was not visible. People are comparing her to a witch from the movie ‘Harry Potter’. Some users are comparing him to a video game character whose face is visible when unlocked.

    Many famous celebrities have participated in ‘Met Gala 2021’. (Photo credit: Twitter)

    The ‘Met Gala’ was held 2 years later. (Photo credit: Twitter)

    Many famous celebrities have participated in ‘Met Gala 2021’. (Photo credit: Twitter)

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    Kim is dressed in a Balenciaga brand. Many types of memes are being shared about him on Twitter. Due to the Corona epidemic, the event is being held two years later. This time many big celebrities stay away from this show. To everyone’s surprise, Kylie Jenner did not attend the event this time. This time only 450 guests were present.

    Many memes were also made about singer Rihanna’s boyfriend. (Photo credit: Twitter)

    A variety of memes are also being made about singer Rihanna’s boyfriend, who looks like she’s wearing a colorful silver dress. People are comparing her outfit to the Candy Crush game.

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