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    Kim Kardashian’s ex-BF Pete Davidson was mocked by ex-husband Kanye West, outraged actress claims

    Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Breakup Daughter West News Update In Hindi: Comedian-Actor Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West poked fun at the breakup news. He mourns the fake death of Pete Davidson. Pete and Kim dated for 9 months before breaking up. However, Kim and Pitt have not yet officially announced their separation. Meanwhile, Kanye took to Instagram on Monday to share a post from a fake New York Times frontpage that read: “Skate Davidson dies at 28.”

    It’s no secret that Kanye West never liked Pete Davidson. Kanye often calls Pete a skate. Not only that, Kanye sneered at American rapper Kid Cudi. “Kid Cudi wanted to be cremated but was afraid of bottle throwers,” he wrote, poking fun at an incident at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival.

    Kanye West has now deleted this post. (Photo credit: Twitter @Bravolover22)

    In fact, during Kid Cudi’s performance at the Rolling Loud festival, people in attendance started throwing bottles and other objects at Kid Cudi, forcing Kid to leave the stage. But Kim Kardashian didn’t like Kanye West mocking Pete Davidson. He asked Kanye to delete the post.

    Kanye West’s post has been deleted

    Kanye West also received mixed reactions from fans. Some supported him, while others asked him to remove this post. But Kanye deleted that post after criticism. Not only that, he deleted all his Instagram posts. But the screenshot of his post is going viral on Twitter.

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    Due to this, Pete and Kim separated

    We tell you, last week, many American news portals quoted sources as saying that Kim and Pitt had separated. According to a report, “One of the reasons for their breakup was their busy schedules. Both of them travel all the time and it was difficult to see each other.” Meanwhile, Kanye and Kim are going through divorce proceedings. Although both are going to be separated for a year.

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