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    Gloria Estefan was sexually assaulted at the age of 9, her mother was threatened with death

    Mumbai: Hollywood singer Gloria Estefan has recently spoken out about her sexual harassment. Gloria said she was exploited by her close friends when she was 9 years old. She wanted to tell her mother at the time, but the man threatened her. Gloria Estefan, a victim of sexual harassment, said the man knew her mother very well and that her mother liked her very much.

    During an episode of Red Table Talk, Gloria Estefan stated that she was my music teacher. My mother trusted him a lot. He threatened to kill his mother if he opened his mouth. He was part of the family but not very close to the family. She used to teach me songs and when she first met my mother she admired me so much that my mother was overwhelmed to see her and began to feel lucky. My mother began to feel that she was a good person and that she would teach me well.

    Gloria added: “At first he would watch over me slowly, then things would get worse and he would tease me fearlessly. I tried to stop him and told him that he was doing wrong, he can’t do it. He then threatened me that my father was in Vietnam and that I would kill him if I told my mother. At first I was very scared, then I told my mother the whole story. Upon receiving the news, he immediately called the police.

    Let us tell you that 64 year old Gloria Estefan is a successful singer as well as a lyricist, actress and business woman. He has also won three Grammy Awards. She has sung for many projects and albums, including Vivo, Father of the Bride, Club Med, Roots of Rhythm, and The Latin Explosion.


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