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    Ex-girlfriend’s heart melts in apology from Korean actor Kim Seon Ho, writes an emotional post

    Recently, popular Korean actor Kim Seon Ho apologized to his ex-girlfriend. Apologizing to Kim Sion Ho, the actor in the openly popular Korean drama Hometown Tea Tea Tea, has melted the heart of his alleged girlfriend and he has forgiven Kim Sion. It is noteworthy that a few days ago, his girlfriend Kim complained against him that the actor had given her a false promise of marriage and then forced her to have an abortion.

    According to TOI, Kim Sion Ho’s girlfriend forgave him by writing a post in Koryabu. He wrote, “I am sorry that so many people have been hurt unintentionally by the writing. There was a time when Kim and I really loved each other. They broke down because of my post, which I don’t like. “

    Kim’s girlfriend further wrote, ‘She has apologized to me. There were some misunderstandings between us. I hope there will be no more lies and no more rumors about my relationship. My post has caused a lot of damage, I will remove it soon.

    Not only that, in addition to actor Kim, his company Salt Entertainment has also apologized. The agency said in a statement that it apologized for the inconvenience caused to actor Kim Sion Ho. At the same time, we apologize to those who were harmed.

    Earlier, he apologized to the Korean actor and wrote that he had a good time with his girlfriend. But I didn’t respect their feelings, didn’t hurt. At the same time, he said, “I want to meet my ex-girlfriend and apologize to her, but at the moment I do not have the courage to apologize, for which I am waiting for the right time.”

    Kim has clearly apologized in her post. “I apologize for the inconvenience,” he wrote. Kim also thanked those who supported him during difficult times.

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