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    BTS Band: Jimin’s school teacher opposed her singing and dancing, starting support after the incident

    Mumbai: BTS singer Jimin, a member of the famous South Korean band BTS, is currently one of the most popular Korean-pop celebrities in the world. Jimin is famous for his songs as well as his dances. But, you know, there was a time when Jimin’s school teacher in Busan opposed his dream of becoming a pop idol.

    Jimin was a student at Busan High School of Art when he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit Entertainment is now known as HYBE. In 2019, Mr. Jimin’s homeroom teacher. Lee spoke to Korea Now and revealed that he was opposed to Jimin’s idea because he felt it was not easy to succeed.

    Mr Lee said: “Honestly, I opposed it at first because it’s easy to dream of becoming an idol, but it’s certainly not easy to succeed. When Jimin told me that he was auditioning for producer Bang Si Huq, I told Jimin that this was his last chance. After this audition, I told him that you have to choose your own path to become an idol or a modern dancer, but he auditioned that day. “

    However, when Jimin (BTS singer Jimin Performance) was selected, his teacher believed that Jimin had a lot of potential. Mr. Lee further revealed that Jimin performed at their wedding. He said, “When Jimin was in tenth grade, he and his classmates performed brilliantly at my wedding. I still remember Jimin singing and dancing with a mic in his hand at the same time and he was not tired. People told me they thought they were at a music concert, not at a wedding. “

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