Monday, December 4, 2023

    Actress Emily Ratajkowski has accused singer Robin Thike of sexual harassment. Big revelation

    New Delhi: Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has revealed that singer Robin Thick abused her on the set of her 2013 music video ‘Blarid Lines’. He has said many things alleging sexual harassment against the singer. Emily recounts the incident in her book, My Body.

    According to The Sunday Times, the actress wrote in the book, ‘Suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my body. I moved away and saw Robin Thike behind me. He smiled and stepped back, his eyes covered with glasses. The director’s voice came to my ears, he was asking are you all right? ‘

    Director Diane Martel said in a conversation that she remembers the moment when she did this embarrassing thing with singer Emily. The music video ‘Blurred Lines’ was shot with the female band, Emily, one of three models dancing half-naked with Thick, singer Farrell Williams and rapper Ti.

    Emily said Thik was a little drunk before the incident. He wrote in his book that he felt humiliated after this incident. “I did not react the way I should have,” he lamented.

    Director Martell said in response to the incident he shouted, ‘What are you doing, that’s enough! Shooting is over !! ‘ But, Emily offers to end the shooting. This is the first time Emily has spoken publicly about the incident.

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