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    Actor Kim Sion Ho abortes ex-girlfriend with false promise, apologizes in statement

    Seoul. Korean drama Hometown Tea Tea Actor Kim Seon Ho has apologized to his ex-girlfriend. He also issued an official statement asking his ex-girlfriend, co-stars and fans. Kim’s ex-girlfriend brought charges of forced abortion against him. Since then, Kim Sion Ho has faced criticism from all sides. The actor wrote- ‘This is Kim Sion Ho. I apologize for the late statement. I was scared for the first time after the publication of the article mentioning my name a few days ago, and that is why I am writing now.

    According to TOI, the actor wrote, “I met my ex-girlfriend with good feelings. I hurt him by acting carelessly and without caring for others. I wanted to apologize directly to my ex-girlfriend, but at the moment I can’t apologize to her and wait for the right time. At the moment I really want to apologize to him through this statement.

    In fact, Kim’s ex-girlfriend recently posted on social media, where she complained that an actor had falsely promised her marriage and had an abortion. He made this allegation against Kim Sion.

    The actor wrote- ‘I apologize for hurting everyone who believed and supported me till the end. I thank all the people who supported me, who enabled me to be an actor, Kim Sion Ho, but I forgot that. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused my co-stars and staff members who worked with me. I sincerely apologize to those who have hurt me. ‘

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